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Farms2ewe is run by real farmers, who run a real farm, booking a visit from us not only will give your pupils a chance to meet a real farmer it will also help to support British Farming.

A mobile farm visit to your school, pre-school or nursery has a lower environmental impact and much easier to organise than a coach trip out. During these hard financial times you will also find the cost of our visit will be more economical for parents.

We can bring to life so many aspects of the national curriculum and engage the pupils in a very short time. We have a range of accredited lesson plans which we can deliver. We are also happy to structure the animal encounters to bring to life any particular subjects you may be teaching.

We are also happy to structure the animal encounters to bring to life any particular subjects you may be teaching.

School Visits

Save the cost and worry of a coach trip, let us bring all the enjoyment and experience of the farm to you.

Food Chain visit plan proforma (Word)
Toes Visit plan proforma (Word)
Calf Visit plan proforma (Word)
Chick & Ducklings Visit plan proforma (Word)
Goat & Lamb Visit plan proforma (Word)
Layout of Farmyard
AIS23 - Avoiding ill health at open farms - Advice to farmers (with teachers supplement) - NEW (Pdf)
Information for Parents and Carers in advance of a visit from Farms2ewe Mobile Farm (Word)
Information for Teachers and Team Leaders in advance of a visit from Farms2ewe Mobile Farm (Word)

Pre-Schools and Nurseries

With our extensive experience gained from having visited many pre-school and nurseries we realize that there is 'no set' formula for a successful visit from Farms2ewe. We are happy For example; some clients are looking at certain themes such as movement, songs, rhymes, and lifecycles. Some prefer presentation and discussion, others like free flow activity. We will discuss your aims and objectives for the visit with you to ensure the time we have with you is optimized.

For bookings within a one hours travelling time from our farm location we can offer you;

Booking Options

The Complete Farm
Our most popular set up, this is ideal for a full representation of a 'farm' in your location. With this animal team we are able to generate a lot of discussion and activity directly associated with the animals and farming. The age of animals we bring is of course seasonal, but we will ensure a full and interesting range at any time of the year.

NB This will arrive in a large truck and livestock trailer

Picture of a CalfPicture of Goats in a Pen Picture of a Pony

Package includes:

These animals will all be housed in safe secure pens.
* Denotes when in Season

Small animal encounter
This package is really designed for locations where parking is restricted or for indoor presentations. It works well for inner city locations. If we are to be set up indoors please let us know in advance so we can bring floor coverings, appropriate equipment and animals.

Duckling Person stroking a Rabbit

Package includes:

All of these will be housed in coops.

* Denotes when in Season