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Events, animals are popular with everyone!

Events and Shows

Interactions with and observation of animals engages all ages, cultures and abilities.

As a visitor to one of our events commented;
‘So.... you’re in the business of bringing joy to people’

With many satisfied customers, our ongoing events and regular customers include;

Here at farms2ewe we keep a large selection of farm animals, all of whom make up our great teams. With many years of experience we can help you to plan the ideal way for our animals to be a great addition to your day.

You may have a specific idea in mind such as a ‘guess the weight of the Turkey’ competition. Or you may like some sheep to be sung to by an operatic ‘Beau Peep’ (yes that’s one that really happened).

Our staff are all competent and knowledgeable. We will attend our stand at all times, they will always be happy to greet your visitors and talk to them about our animals.

Most importantly we know all events and locations are different, so please contact us with your ideas and let us help you plan how to get the most from our attendance at your event.

Years of experience count

When you are planning any event, large or small we know that
health and safety will be of paramount importance to you.

With this in mind we will be able to supply you with;